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[justify]Get the Coastal Park Package Meals Included and guarantee irresistible price and convenience to fit you!

Daily with breakfast and lunch or dinner with special menu you choose. See more details, checking the options below.

The package has a minimum of 03 nights and is valid for 02 people. Run to enjoy that the promotion has limited time. Consult the values ??and guarantee your reservation soon through reservas@parquedacosteira.com.br or telephone (84) 3203-4800.

* Meals served in our Meia Lua Restaurant.

* The Coastal Park Package Meals Included is not valid for holidays and for dates 15.09 and 16.09.17 and 24.11 to 26.11.17

>Download our menu here!

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Please note: Do not disclose any personal or payment information in your request