[justify]Visiting Natal is literally a delight.

In the Meia Lua restaurant you can enjoy delicious Potiguar cuisine. Dishes rich in color, aromas, spices and flavors.

Every morning at the Meia Lua, our guests can enjoy a delicious buffet breakfast. The restaurant is open also for lunch and dinner.[/justify]

[justify]And why not make gastronomic trips? We offer this experience through the Restaurant Le Côtier, specializing in French cuisine. And then? How about securing your reservation?

A dinner with French menu will leave your lodging experience even more enjoyable. Please contact our reservation center at (84) 3203-4800 and add the option to your hosting package.[/justify]

Happy hour is guaranteed at the Terrace Bar.

Great request to enjoy the end of afternoon and even night, enjoying pleasant weather and delicious appetizers.